First National Bank South Africa - Wasted my time and stamped a cheque RD when it shudnt have been

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a waste of a bank....raisethorpe branch pietermaritzburg

not even greated but met by puss faces and they treat you like ***

i was made to wait half an hour to cash a cheque ...after making a performance they bring the cheque back ...mark it rd and stamp it and give it back to me ? LIKE WTF they said go ask the customer why we cant tell you why..ask for the manager..he is not there...why have a manager?

anyway i get back to the office and phone the customer whose cheque it was..he says he was not contacted ..WHY THE FCK WAS I MADE TO WAIT 1/2 Hour and why was a cash chq stamped RD WHAT THE FK?????????????

Review about: Cash.



I sure know what you mean.You had to wait probably while they were hiding in the back painting their nails or playing Yahtzee online.I only deal with their ATM machine,even though it is slower than them.At least it does'nt make me enraged.

First National Bank South Africa - The problem is that i do not have credit card only bank acc and i will like to claim my winnings

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My name is Mr Ndayithini Bernard Manyika date of birth 23 july 1983 address is 1952 Seboko street khuma township stilfontein 2551 the city of Klersdorp at South Afica my email address is and i will like to claim my winnings the problem is that i do not have credit card only FIRST NATIONAL BANK Account number is 62126196303 cheqeu account and my pin number for free lotto is 172679227 i do not know what to do so i will appriciate your assist from u please so that every thing should go smooth for all of us



wow...i get e-mails like this pretty often.the people will claim to be royalty trying to escape a coup that is playing out or won the lottery or very rich and about to fall victim to (insert name here).

long story short they need to get their money out of the country and want to use your bank account to deposit the money into. they claim to want to give you a generous portion for helping them.

this is a new twist on an old scam.funny these all come from africa or south africa


this is the most supid thing i have ever seen working for this bank ,, can tell you that the acct numbers are not that long....*** is not real why putting it here ..

maybe no family? maybe no friends?

no neighbors ?who can think people is so ***


i smell fraud..


hey you mr.Ndaithini do you really think that people will fall for your scam?

Why would you need a credit card to have your "winnings" transferred.

People do not give out any of your info.This guy is fraud !!!!!!!!!!


I hope this complaint is actually a joke.If you're serious, please do NOT send these people any financial information.

This is a very common scam to try to get credit card or bank account information from people.

There are no winnings.You will get nothing but scammed if you respond to them.

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